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Hey Jude

Hey, Hey Jude what do you have to say? Jude has a lot to say to
us today! We live in a day and age when the Church has become
apathetic to the truth. In our instant gratification society, we want
pleasure on demand. We have become so tolerant and protective of the
individual that we overlook sin and give justifications to individuals
pleasures. This tolerance has threatened the health of the body of Jesus
Christ. We today, like in the time of Jude, have threatened the good, the
welfare of the whole community, the family and the Global Church,
because we have become so glorified and so focused on the individual
that we have forgotten that the church is a community built upon the
Apostolic Faith. The church is a communion of the saints; this is the
Universal Church, the body of believers that belong to the head, the
Lord Jesus Christ. Unfortunately, we have turned to ourselves as individuals
and we have glorified the individual over God and His Truth.
We say to ourselves: “Everything is relative” by bringing the
philosophy and thinking of the world into the church and it is absolutely
devastating the Church. We have become indifferent to the truth. God
has given us the answer to this problem in the book of Jude.
Jude was written not to merely warn us about such people who, by
their own lifestyles, have brought in these destructive heresies and
ungodly lifestyles to the church, but it was also to call us, the readers,
into action. This is a book of warning, not only warning us about people
who ignore the truth, but a calling to defend the Apostolic Faith so we
can continue this apostolic succession to future generations.

Why are we indifferent from the truth? Jude 1: 1-25
Deadly Delusions are poison. Jude 1: 1-4
Deadly Associations Jude 1: 1-7
Dereliction of Duty Jude 1: 5-11
Defend the Faith and Rescue the Perishing Jude 1: 11-25

Pastor Mike