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There are excellent reasons David is one of the most famous figures in the Bible. His story is very personal and intimate. We do not have to wonder what David said or what he thought or how he felt. Large portions of the Bible were written by David and David is credited with 75 Psalms. Psalms are the starting point for many devotions.

     David’s life with the Lord models before us many lessons that can bless our relationship with God.  If you want to know what that relationship feels/looks like, David’s your man. David is easy to identify with. He is spiritual without being super righteous and human (meaning sinful) without being committed to evil.

     If we were to ask people which Bible personality they would like to emulate, David would probably top the list. Who wouldn’t want to be the little guy who takes on and defeats Goliath? David is a Fearless warrior, passionate family man, a loyal follower of God, and a person deeply affected by those around him. David lived a tumultuous and triumphant life. He was the progenitor of a royal dynasty chosen by God, but he suffered mightily from strife, especially at the hand of those closest to him. Beginning on Sunday, May 5th, we will be starting a new sermon series called “Life Lessons with David.”


May 5 The Unlikely People God Chooses 

May 12 Overcoming the Giants in our Lives

May 19 What to do when you are stabbed in the back

May 26The Characteristics of a True Friend

June 2 Hold Your Friends Close, but Your Enemies Closer

June 9 Seek out Compromise

June 16 O what tangled web we weave

June 23 Having a Heart for God